Monday, May 29, 2006

twisted's last gig


twisted's last gig


Big Sky got into rocking mode last thursday (may 25) when Twisted Halo launched their video (also making this gig their last, sadly). Joining in the fun were Sugarfree, Cambio and Sandwich.

(I should post more pics, heheh. Having drunken men sing their hearts out is way fun to take pics of) Till then, i'll be posting this. I think it's really sad.Too bad, indeed. TH will be missed in the scene.
But hell, their farewell gig was one heck of a night ;-)


curiouskitty said...

bakit last gig? disband?

hlF said...

oo nga.... bakit last gig???

wanderlust junkie said...

farewell nila. vin's decided to concentrate on law na :-)sayang nga eh

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